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Service Schedule 


10:00 a.m. Sunday Celebration  



7:00 p.m. Bible Study  


Life Tabernacle of Seguine

Address 747 Hwy 123  Bypass North

Seguine, Texas

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Children's Ministries of Life Tabernacle


Our Children's ministry is multi-faceted.


Sunday School - under the direction of


Children's Sunday School classes are designed for age appropriate students.

Here is where children are met weekly by teams of anointed and trained staff who make it their priority to bring Gods Word to life in every application.


Classrooms are designed thematically and lessons COME ALIVE each week!

Hands on learning and a fun filled atmosphere is what awaits each child!



THE CHILDRENS CHURCH OF LIFE TABERNACLE -Consists of a large team of instructors... Musicians...singers....and story tellers with activities that keep today's kids excited and anticipating Bible based Fun...through Praise....Worship.... Prayer ...Games & Prizes !!!